Our Mission

Lead Four:Twelve is a one-year student leadership experience designed to help students...

  • discover and develop their potential for leadership. 
  • grow in their understanding and application of their spiritual gifts. 
  • position themselves to be used in greater measure by God in their community, the Jeremiah Project, and beyond.

A little history...

For 21 years our parent organization, the Jeremiah Project, has focused on middle school students, equipping them to find their place in the Kingdom of God. LEAD Four:Twelve was born out of a need to offer students, particularly as they transition from middle school to high school, opportunities to grow in leadership. LEAD Four:Twelves wants to help continue to develop leaders. LEAD Four:Twelve provides intentional leadership development for a cohort of 12-16 students beginning their freshman or sophomore year of high school. Through LEAD Four:Twelve, we aim to encourage students to develop their gifts so they can be leaders in their youth groups, churches and beyond.